The basis of our assessments

Our innovative approach to early detection of certain diseases and conditions through saliva assessment is rooted in the groundbreaking research conducted by renowned scientists Dr. Balwant Rai and Dr. Paul Slowey.

Biochemical analysis of oral fluids for disease detection

Dr. Muhammad S. Zafar et al.

Commercial Saliva Collection Tools

Dr. Paul Slowey

The Impact of Salivary Diagnostics

Dr. Paul Desmond Slowey and Dr. Richard H. Nagelberg

Quantitative Lateral Flow Assays for Salivary Biomarker Assessment A Review

Dr. Paul Slowey et al.

Role of Salivary Biomarkers in Oral Cancer Detection

Dr. Paul Desmond Slowey et al.

Saliva as an Emerging Biofluid for Clinical Diagnosis and Applications of MEMS/NEMS in Salivary Diagnostics

Chamindie Punyadeera and Paul Slowey

Saliva Collection Devices and Diagnostic Platforms

Dr. Paul Slowey

Salivary Diagnostics Using Purified Nucleic Acids

Dr. Paul Slowey


Explore these links related to the conditions that our innovative RapidDx assessment device enables healthcare professionals to identify and address at an earlier stage.


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